Grill Boxes

Across Nigeria, there usually isn’t a debate that the Efiks are steeped in hospitality like none other. The city of Calabar is unanimously always adjudged the cleanest and with a culture of utmost colour blended in ancient civilization. It has been said that the Efiks top other ethnicities across Nigeria in cuisine and culinary art.
At SmolEfikPots, we are simply replicating the culinary ethos of these great people.
Our Grill Boxes (on the menu drop down) takes you on a trip to Calabar, it’s street corners and culinary street offerings where your food senses are tickled and satisfied.
Our Watt Grill Box is a must try. It satisfies 5-6 persons conveniently whilst giving you a pic of the setting within the largest market in Calabar and it’s various street food offering from vendorsat dusk.
The Marina area in Calabar is a beehive of activities daily with fishermen, sea food vendors, sand and lorry merchants. Our Marina Grill Box is inspired by this serene and appealing atmosphere where trade and culinary appeal thrive side by side.
The ancient and contemporary streets of Goldie and Marian give you a sense of on the go street delicacy. We invite you to try and get hooked to the spirit of Calabar where you will be inundated with Refined Nourishment.