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Welcome to Smol Efik Pots

About Our Restaurant

Looking for delicious (local & intercontinental), and first-class meals? You have made the right stop! We offer you great taste, with a wide variety of meal options. Our ingredients are carefully and locally sourced, giving you a perfect mix of tasty flavours that you will love. With us, you are guaranteed an adventure. Come taste the experience.

deluxe coconut jollof ricewith dodi bits snails and shrimps

Delicious, well-prepared Coconut Jollof Rice.

Made with Basmati rice. Tasty, with great value for your family & guests. All ingredients are sustainably sourced with no artificial preservatives as well as being gluten free.

Our Specially Customized Puff Puff Boxes.

This is an ideal gift for yourself, family and friends. Our custom-designed puff puff boxes come in various flavours and without a doubt, will bring a lasting and memorable experience.

coconut and lime

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