At SMOL EFIK POTS, we pride ourselves on inspirational cuisine as well as providing a fresh twist on some old favorites.


We consistently craft a variety of menus for our various clients, whether it be replacing the usual with healthy alternative meals, managing culinary needs at events or just daily meals. Indeed, we have shut the door and waved good-bye to boring meals/ menus.


At your request, our kitchen is able to churn out an excellent variety of quality meals using fresh ingredients and delivered at reasonable prices.


Check out the pictures for the Atimbo to Lagos 2.0


we provide a wide variety of exotic meals with our evolving weekly menu. 

For events, our chefs create menus to suit your events.


At Smolefikpots kitchen,  our meals are made fresh daily with the best produce from our local farmers 


your health is also our priority. we use fresh produce, healthy oils, herbs and low sodium seasonings in our meals. inspecting what we cook… we understand that food is more than fuel. Eat good… feel Good… Eat smolefikpots

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